We offer rental of buses and coaches for various events and tours . Our offer is dedicated for individuals interested in the domestic carriage of passengers - such as family events (f.e. a wedding), as well as for companies and organizations . We do regular courses and single ride on special order.

We offer:

  • tours around Zakopane and other interesting cities,
  • rental of buses for travel agencies and hotels,
  • domestic and international transport.

We provide tourist transport for organized groups during the holiday season, as well as the opportunity to hire a bus for the individual trip to specified location.

We support:

  • bus pilgrimage to the holy places - in Poland and all over the Europe,
  • trips in the Alps.

Passenger transport has no secrets for us and we travel without any problems around the Europe. We know the domestic and international routes, guaranteeing our customers the highest quality of service . Our company also provides the service for the most demanding customers – children. We organize the transport for children during summer holiday.

We also provide the service for foreign visitors , in Poland and around Europe. We rent the buses for a special , unconventional events, such as f.e. birthday parties, offering safe transportation of people and a good time.